Presentation Instructions

Video submission deadline: July 3rd, 2020 (Please see this page for more info)


To ensure smooth operation for our online program, talks are pre-recorded and uploaded to be streamed during each session. Instructions on how to submit and upload videos can be found this page. Authors must attend their respective Zoom sessions for the Q&A immediately following the broadcast of their video, according to the moderation of the session chair. In addition, dedicated Slack channels for each session will be available throughout the conference to allow for asynchronous discussions and to coordinate the sessions.

Duration of video files

Full papers (12 pages): 15 minutes

Short papers (6 pages): 12 minutes

File format: .mp4 using the H.264 and AAC codecs in accordance with YouTube guidelines.

Video quality: at least HD (720p)

Audio quality: please verify that your speech is clear before uploading (you may wish to include subtitles)

Q&A during the session

Authors must attend their respective Zoom sessions for the Q&A immediately following the broadcast of their video, according to the moderation of the session chair:

Full papers (12 pages): 3 minutes

Short papers (6 pages): 3 minutes

Content of the video recording

Authors should treat the video recording as a direct substitute for a physical presentation. The audio should contain a spoken narration of the presentation. The accompanying video should contain a full walkthrough of the presentation slides, which are clearly visible. In addition, the presenter is strongly encouraged to overlay a thumbnail-sized camera feed showing the speaker.

In addition, please add some 2-3 discussion points to your conclusion slide. As the talks are intentionally kept short for the online format, it is likely that there are points not discussed during the presentation, such as technical details or future work. Please include these in your conclusion slide to facilitate questions during the Q&A.


We recommend the following resources to record your video:

ASPLOS 2020 YouTube Channel: Example conference presentation videos.

Remove Video Presentation Guide: Guide for recording presentations with slides and camera overlay.

Guide to Best Practices: Section 3.2 from this ACM guide presents some suggestions of equipment to use.

Open Broadcaster Software is an open-source software for recording videos: scenes can be created which compose the computer screen with a camera feed.

Zoom provides a simple method for recording videos by simply starting a meeting in solitaire, opening the camera and sharing the screen.

PowerPoint also provides a mechanism for recording slides.

Do not hesitate to contact the chairs of your respective track and the general chairs if you have any questions.

Important Dates

Events Dates
Tutorial Proposal Submission March 3rd March 25th, 2020
Abstract Submission for Research Track March 13th March 27th, 2020
Research and Industry Paper Submission March 20th April 3rd, 2020
Grand Challenge Solution Submission April 7th April 24th, 2020
Author Notification Industry Track May 3rd, 2020
Author Notification Research Track May 3rd May 18th, 2020
Doctoral Symposium Submission May 10th May 18th, 2020
Poster & Demo Submission May 18th May 25th, 2020
Camera Ready for All Tracks May 28th June 4th, 2020
Conference July 13th – 17th, 2020